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Our Products

The Laforge production line includes; wood flush, aluminum polyurethane injected 1 3/4"(R16), 2 3/8"(R21.7) thick,  steel polyurethane injected  1 3/4"(R16), 2 3/8"(R21.7) and 1 3/8"(R12).

All doors are custom sized to our client's specifications; from 1 to 7.93 meters (3.3 to 26 feet) in width and from 1.7 meters to 9.75 meters (5.7 to 32 feet) high.

90% of our hardware is manufactured at the Laforge plant for a better quality control. Every track is custom made and each spring in individually calculated.

Laforge Doors are energy efficient, very strong and lightweight, making our product extremely durable and reliable.