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Factory Paint Program
10 year Warranty
High Performance Paint For
Garage Doors, Side Seals & PVC Window Frames

More than 1800 colors are now available for our Garage Door Factory Painting Program which allows any door to be painted after the section is built by Laforge Doors Ltd., giving homeowners an unprecedented ability to customize the color of their garage doors. This service features a paint process which applies a durable third layer of paint to the pre-painted aluminum or galvanized steel adding another coat of protection to the garage door. A variety of paint colors are available to match your vinyl color or other types of material. (Ex. Gentec, Royal, Miton.)

Offered with a 10 year warranty, this paint provides excellent gloss retention, durability, impact resistance and hardness.

This process gives your door an attractive appearance with finishes that give you design flexibility while also protecting your investment. You can count on uniform coverage and a smooth, long-lasting finish that out-performs any field-applied corrosion resistance and color retention coatings.

Finishes are available for several door models and components with a rapid turnaround time. Ask your Authorized Laforge Dealer for full details regarding availability and delivery.