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Country Style

When arriving home, Laforge wants you to be greeted by a door that is not only safe and strong, a door that operates as it should. Why settle for anything less? We simply call it quality of life.

At Laforge Doors Ltd., we are committed to giving you peace of mind.


1 3/4" steel; polyurethane injected insulation with an R-16 value; choice of 5 exotic colors; 2" steel heavy duty rollers; aluminum bottom rail; 10,000 cycles torsion spring; 21T commercial tracks.

The Country Style door is a unique and upmarket model. Manufactured with a superior quality steel, it requires minimal maintenance and exceeds the standards in the industry. This door is amongst our most energy efficient and homeowners will be seduced by the variety of antique inspired models they can choose from


Standard White
Commercial Brown *

 Slate *

The colors shown may slightly differ from the actual color of the door. Please request an actual color sample.
* Dark finish doors facing south are not covered under warranty.


Choose from over 25 different panel designs to obtain the ultimate look you always wanted for your home. Have an idea for a design that is not listed below? Submit your idea to your local dealer who will be happy to help you.

CPT-10 ( 9 x 7 shown)
CPT-10 ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-10S ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-20 ( 9 x 7 shown)
CPT-20 ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-20S ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-30 ( 9 x 7 shown)
CPT-30 ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-30S ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-40 ( 9 x 7 shown)
CPT-40 ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-40S ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-50 ( 9 x 7 shown)
CPT-50 ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-50S ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-60 ( 9 x 7 shown)
CPT-60 ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-60S ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-70 ( 9 x 7 shown)
CPT-70 ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-70S ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-80 ( 9 x 7 shown)
CPT-80 ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-80S ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-90 ( 16 x 7 shown)
CPT-90S ( 16 x 7 shown)

The size and quantity of windows depend on the width of the door. 


The woodgrain texture of Laforge doors creates a finish that has the appearance and the feel of authentic wood.

Our unique Country Style designs allow you to appreciate the authentic appearence of ancient wooden doors.


Laforge also offers a variety of windows for your garage door. Please visit our Thermopanes page for additional options available.


Laforge offers a variety of hinges and handles to suit any Heritage style garage door.Please visit our Hinges and Handles pagefor more details