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Pinch Resistant

The Pinch Resistant door is a premium choice for any house, especially for someone with children.

Our innovative overlapping joint design and continuous angle vertical tracks, help keep fingers from accidentally venturing into dangerous areas.

To avoid falling door accidents, our doors also feature a safety bottom bracket. In the unlikely event that the garage door cables were to break, the safety bottom bracket would release a mechanism that would stop the garage door in its tracks, thus preventing the door from falling down.

LAFORGE Pinch Resistant doors are engineered with a 1 3/8’’ core of polyurethane foam insulation that provides an R-12 value throughout each panel. The core is permanently bonded to the twin outer face sheets with a unique high pressure, heat bonding process.

Customize your panel with either Traditional or Stripes. If you prefer, you may also have flush panels, no embossments are imprinted, just the wonderful realistic wood grain look.

1 3/8'' ALUMINUM


Standard White only
The colors shown may slightly differ
from the actual color of the door
  • high density polyurethane, insulated with an R-12 value.
  • standard white only.
  • 2” teflon rollers.
  • pvc bottom rail.
  • 10, 000 cycles torsion spring.

The size and amount of embossments and windows depend on the width of your door. The wood grain texture of our doors creates a finish that has the appearance and the feel of authentic wood.

Door Width
6' to 7'
8' to 11'
11' to 14'
15' to 16'
16'1'' to 18'
# of embossments
and windows



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