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Screen Door

The Laforge screen door is one of the most innovative and unique screen door systems on the market. Easy-to-use, affordable and fully retractable, the screen unit provides comfortable additional outdoor living space. Working seamlessly with the operation of your existing door, the system is mounted directly under the existing door, leaving your garage door free for normal operation when the screen door is retacted.  Using high quality components, the Laforge screen door easily installs and can also  be used in conjunction with most residential-type doors and makes a practical and enjoyable addition to any home.


Built using high-quality components, the LAFORGE Screen Garage Door system easily installs in approximately one to two hours and brings the outdoors in, creating a comfortable space. It can also be used in conjunction with most residential doors. Now you can purchase a revolutionary system that makes a practical and enjoyable addition to any home or business.

  • Made of high-grade aluminum
  • Fits from 8’ x 7’ to 18’ x 8’ door sizes
  • Comes in 10' X 8' and 16' X 8'
  • white powder coated only
  • Completely retractable
  • Utilizes weather seal from existing door.