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What you should know about a garage door

The largest entrance door in your home is a garage door. It is also a large part in your home’s curb appeal. The largest moving object in your house deserves some great consideration before it’s purchased. Laforge Doors come in four different types of materials:

  • Steel: the most economical and durable solution and comes in a variety of colours. Steel doors are also paintable
  • Aluminium: chosen as a lighter weight product it is also a more durable solution for humid and salty climates such as in Atlantic Canada. Aluminium skin doors also come in a variety of colours and are paintable
  • Fiberglass: These doors are extremely durable and solid. These doors consist of a fiberglass covering over our steel skin doors and are only available in white but are paintable.
  • Wood: These traditional specialty door are manufactured with pine or cedar wood attached to a steel skin door. This offer timeless beauty with modern performance. Wood doors can be stained to match any existing home finish.

Our CE Listed Garage Doors

A CE marking is a safety declaration by the manufacturer that a product has passed specific safety standards or directives set by the European Union. In order to receive CE approval, Laforge products were successfully tested in Europe by an approved testing facility. Countries within the EU mandate garage door vendors to carry & install only CE approved products.

Sectional overhead doors fall under the Construction Products Directive EN13241-1 which provides the prescriptive and performance requirements for which garage doors must comply. Manufacturers who meet these requirements may apply a CE label to their products. Laforge has upgraded specific hardware components and added safety devices in order to pass and receive CE approval. All CE approved doors sold by Laforge include a CE label per specific EN requirements.

The Laforge Sécuri-Tech Pinch Resistant and the Model T-138 doors carry the CE Certification.